Corporate Partners

As a 501 c 3, sponsorships are the lifeblood of our programming.

Our corporate sponsors provide necessary funding to help keep our programming no- and low-cost for all girls and families. 

Sponsor Levels:



$3,000: Pledge Partner – Named partner for our
Pledge for Equity – 50/50 by 2030

$4,000: Community Improvement Partner – Underwrite
one community project with a non-profit partner:
building picnic tables, sheds, etc



$5,000: Traditional Youth Series Partner – Provides one Camp,
Club or a one-time opportunity for students

$7,500: 3D Printing Youth Training Series Partner – Includes
support of training of staff, students and donation of
3D printer to community partner



$10,000: Speaker Series Sponsor – Named partner on
our Women @ Work Speaker Series, highlighting key
women, organizations and allies making a change in the

$15,000: DEI Supporter – Provides materials and
opportunities for staff and volunteers to be trained on
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to best serve our



$25,000: Workforce Development – Sponsor a
cohort of 5-8 women in trades training

$75,000: Expansion Partner – Help SBTC grow into
another region

$100,000: Sustaining Partner – Organizational
partner that underwrites all of our staff and

Here are 4 ways your company can support She Built This City:

  • Corporate giving/social good: Corporate donors can designate the program best-suited for the mission and priorities of your business. All corporate sponsors receive social media acknowledgment and recognition on individual program pages.
  • Employee donation matching: Double Your Impact! Many companies have matching gift programs that will match one-for-one, or even double, tax-deductible contributions made by their employees. Check today to see if your company’s matching gift program will help you maximize your support for She Built This City.
  • Corporate Teambuilding & Workshops: Our custom-designed corporate workshops allow for a full-day or half-day of team-building and hands-on building. PLUS – walk away with a project! Our program fees provide sustainable revenue to support our no- and low-cost women’s programming. 
  • In-kind/Material/Labor donations: She Built This City relies on corporate partners who donate materials, supplies, tools, volunteer instruction time and software to help us change the #20PercentBy2020 statistics – and need for 3 million tradeworkers by 2028. In-kind donations boost our ability to provide free and low-cost service projects to communities in need of curated projects, such as libraries, greenhouses, table gardens, She-Sheds and more…

All corporate sponsors receive:

  • Social media acknowledgment on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Listing in our annual Impact Report
  • Listing as a Donor on a specific program page (optional)
  • An employee field trip to visit She Built This City (optional)