50/50 by 2030 – A Pledge for Equity in the Trades

Our pledge for 50/50 by 2030 is a pledge for equity in the trades. Through this pledge, our team will increase the number of women in the industry – but – that is just the first step towards equity. As many of you know the treatment of women and non-gender identifying persons within the trades and manufacturing industry is unfair and unequal. Our pledge is for equity in the trades and that means FULL equity. Therefore, in addition to increasing the number of women in the industry we must also address the challenges and problems that put people in the industry at a disadvantage.

For this reason, we will address problems such as unequal pay, unconscious bias, lack of support for women in the workplace, and other constructs that are restricting full equity in the trades. Come along with us as we take the journey towards allyship, intersectionality, opening up opportunities for women in the trades and all women. Take action with us – we will give you the tools and resources to take action for 50/50 by 2030 – our main mission at She Built This City.