Workforce Development Pilot Initiatives

Our pledge 50/50 by 2030 is a pledge for equity in the trades and that means FULL equity. Therefore, in addition to increasing the number of women in the industry we must also address the challenges and problems that put people in the industry at a disadvantage.

COVID has disproportionately impacted women, especially women of color. CNN reported that in December 2020 employers cut 140,000 jobs.  All of those jobs were women; while men gained 16,000 jobs. President Biden, has noted that 2 million women have left the workforce within the past year due to the impacts of COVID-19.

Our solution is to create more pathways for women in the construction and manufacturing industry. We need more on-ramps for women in the trades and we need to take new approaches for training to address the widening gap for women. It is our goal to get women to work as quickly as possible. 

Women’s Repair Crew

Cohort Details:  Summer of 2022 – SBTC will hire an initial crew of 5-6 women to train, learn and grow this model with us. 

SBTC is seeking a highly motivated individual, eager to learn new skills, serve the community and be a part of an industry changing, amazing team. SBTC is launching our 2 year Maintenance Apprenticeship program. 

The SBTC Associate position will be provided on the job training across a broad array of commercial, industrial and residential maintenance, repair and operational functions.  The role will include classroom instruction, testing and rotating assignments through a variety of responsibilities that include but are not limited to:

  • Handling routine maintenance work orders  
  • HVAC maintenance and repair
  • Painting, light carpentry, repair locks, windows, door bells, etc.
  • Conduct regulatory inspections for fire, sprinkler and elevator systems, etc 
  • Install/ replace electrical fixtures, fans, mount TV, install smart home devices
  • Light plumbing work on toilets, faucets, shower head installation, etc.
  • Support youth and community workshops to SPARK  interest in skilled trades 

A SBTC Associate should be familiar with construction methodologies, able to work with individuals of different disciplines to achieve the best results. The ideal candidate will have an analytical mind, experienced and comfortable providing customer service, a problem solver focused to offer solutions with great organizational / time management skills.  Upon successful completion of our program, individuals will be qualified to seek employment as a Facilities Engineer in Residential, Commercial and Industrial environments.

At this time, we have paused on accepting applications. Please check back in the future.

Plumbing Pre-Apprenticeship

Cohort Details: Late Summer 2022 – Tuesdays 6-9pm, Thursdays 6-9pm and Saturdays 9am – 12pm.

SBTC will host an all woman 15 week, hands-on learning, pre-apprenticeship. The training will be held at the SBTC Workshop at 1026 Jay St, Charlotte, NC 28208. Participants will receive on the basics of the plumbing trade including tool usage, terminology, and fittings. All graduating participants will leave the programs with a Plumbing Pre-Apprenticeship Certification, OSHA 10 Safety Certification, and a First Aid/CPR Certification. All participants will also be provided:

● Google Chromebooks for participants at no cost upon completion
● $120 weekly stipend when criteria is met for attendance, punctuality, safety, due dates, etc.
● Child supervision for registered children, ages 3 to 12 years old
● Technology training course and customer service standards
● Onsite light evening meal
● Financial education and life skill strategies to effectively identify and manage personal goals
● Build confidence and camaraderie while learning with other women

To apply for the Plumbing Pre-Apprenticeship, click HERE. For more information click HERE to view the FAQ’s. 

Free 16 Week Pre-Apprenticeship Electrician Training

This program is of no cost to the participant for the 16 week training. There is only capacity for 10 adults per class. Successful completion of this program will prepare the participants to submit an application to be enrolled in the Carolina Electrical Training Institute (CETI) electrician apprenticeship training program.  However, if not accepted into CETI, the students are encouraged to apply to other electrician apprenticeship programs or directly to companies that employ electricians. SBTC will support the job application process. 

The program will cover an introduction to…

  • Policies, program and training expectations of an apprenticeship study program
  • Professional relationships, communication and conflict resolution practices
  • Financial literacy to establish productive, personal financial practices
  • Safety in construction, OSHA 10 and First Aid/CPR certifications
  • Customer Service and Technology training
  • Hand, power tools and measurements
  • Learn about electricity laws, devices and techniques 
  • Visit active job sites where electricians are working

We are no longer accepting applications for this program.

For more information, please contact LaToya Faustin, Executive Director: