Sparking Interest in Construction & Maker Trades for Career-Choosing Women & Girls 9-17

Career coaching for transitioning women, apprenticeship & employer connections.

Founded by Demi Knight Clark, a residential construction industry executive for over 20 years – SBTC aims to empower girls 9-17 & women choosing to enter the workforce with construction trade skills & fearless maker spaces.

How do we do it? Afterschool programs, camps, workshops, women-focused career fairs & conferences in 2020.


We’re here to spark interest in the tribe of women looking for change.

The tribe of girls who may or may not know all of the “boots on the ground” skills that lead to owning an entrepreneurial experience or trade position. Today’s lineworker, plumber, electrician, HVAC technician, carpenter, welder and more are tomorrow’s CEO.

May it be HER!

Are you an organization looking to support? Tradeswoman looking to become an instructor? Do you have a space or tools we can borrow? Are you a nonprofit looking for us to build a project for you?